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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I need to take a breath

Some of you may I have thought I had dropped off the end of the earth ,well not quite even though I live just about at the bottom of the globe here in Tasmania.

Last week I put together 19 quilt tops for our Bridie's Blessing quilts for women's shelters project. My neighbour had a clean pout and generously gifted some embroidered blocks UFO's that I have finished and put together into quilt tops. I did start pressing them and getting the backings ready to sandwich them on Monday moring when I had a phone call.

One of the two hospitals in the region had let their Bridie's Blossoms packages get down and they needed them replenished asap so have been flat chat on those all week. Will deliver this next lot of thirteen packages tomorrow and then it will be back to the quilts.

Sorry about the shiny packaging in the pic but it is winter here and dark  at 7.15 at night so had to put the light on.

I do have the next couple of blocks ready to write up the instructions for the Embellished Dog BOM  quilt. Here is a pic of the cats quickly racing to see what those dogs were doing in this house! 

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