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Friday, 25 May 2012

Yesterday was a wet and miserable day with rain just falling down at times. It was good to get home at the end of a long teaching week.

My plans for the weekend are to keep working on the candlewick quilt along and prepare the tutorial for the various quilt as you go techniques you can use for this quilt.
I would love to do a video tutorial but I do not think my husband is up to speed with the camera yet.

I have taken some close up pics of the blocks as they stitch out with just the fabric and batting hooped. You get a lovely puffed up quilted effect and lots of dimension and texture added to your blocks before they are quilted.


  1. I'm trying to clear my sewing room so I'll be ready. Shirley

  2. Your instructions were so clear. Wonderful I had wondered how to do this. Thanks Shirley.

  3. I am thinking of doing a black background candlewick quilt of some sort so I am on the hunt for black lace. I love black background quilts.