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Sunday, 20 May 2012

New Quilt in Progress- anyone interested in a quilt along?

Candlewick Quilt

Back of quilt as you go block
I started a new quilt this afternoon. It is a candlewick using the new candlewick designs from Kenny Kreations. I have been meaning to make a candlewick quilt for some time and have had the lace and ribbon I intended to use for some time.

This quilt is a similar layout to the Kenny Kreations Royal Reflections quilt but I am putting a new tilt on it , having done the Royal Reflections quilt.The blocks are all on point and the centre ones are combined. I am making this quilt, quilt as you go using a couple of different  easy techniques I have merged together with no hand sewing.

The designs are on special at the moment and if the budget is tight you could do the quilt with just 3 designs with Block 5 being one of them.

I plan to do this quilt as a quilt along so if you want to be a part of it please drop me an email and I will send out instructions as I do them.


  1. Yep, I want to do this one too! I loved the last rose one.
    Thanks for helping me learn to quilt!

  2. I would like to do this quilt, if you can bear with a novice. I know I will have questions along the way. I love the thought of quilt as you go!!

  3. My word Girl, when do you sleep? Lovely stuff here. You are a true artist!

  4. I would also like to do this one. Am looking forward to it.

  5. Vicki....I would like to learn how to quilt as I go....Please send me the instructions for this quilt.