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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sewing Room Finished

Sewing Room

Sewing Room 1

Sewing Room 2

Sewing Room 3

Sewing Room 4

Sewing Room 5

Sewing Room 6
The remodel/refurbishment of my sewing room is now finished except for a few bits of trim etc. It has taken 2 weeks from start to finish.It may not grace the pages of an interior decorating magazine but I am very pleased with the results.This room was a former double garage and the original carpet installed by the former house owners over year s ago is still on the floor.  The room has been painted with one wall being dark wood panel before we started. The cupboards with the exception of the big bank of drawers have also been painted white. All of the open storage that you can see is made up of 2, 3 and 4 shelf bookcases.The large cutting area in the centre of the room has storage space underneath. We also installed two long energy efficient long fluorescent daylight lights with one of them being over the cutting table.
I can now focus on getting back to our online nightgown course.


  1. I am very envious of your wonderful workspace.

  2. sew beautiful, Vicki!
    What an incredible room to be inspired & work in. Congratulations on a fine job!

  3. I "love" it Vicki and am so jealous! So much room to work with. You're one lucky girl.

  4. Your room is fabulous, Vicki! Oh to have a room that size! Enjoy it.