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Monday, 23 January 2012

Heirloom Hankie -Bonnet Tutorial and Sneak Peek of New Quilt

Heirloom Hankie

Heirloom Hankie Bonnet
Hankie Bonnet Back

Heirloom Hankie Bonnet
The heirloom hankie-bonnet has been described many times but there are limited instructions on how to make the heirloom hankie from scratch. 
The Heirloom hankie bonnet would make a great gift to take to a baby shower. The hankie is a great gift for a bride. Include the poem with simple instructions on how to convert it to a baby bonnet. When her children get married the stitches can be easily removed for them to either carry as brides (if they are daughters) or as a gift for their bride (if they are sons) as the “something old”. You can download the tutorial from  here 

I am also working on a new quilt featuring the If Cats Could Talk collections  4 and 5 from BFC Creations. It is still definitely a WIP but I will post the tutorial when it is completed.

Black , White and Red Cat Quilt Work in  Progress

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  1. Thank you for the instructions. They will come in handy for me. Jan from Michigan