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Friday, 20 January 2012

Paisley Parade Class Ended-Link to all the lessons

Paisley Parade Quilt
Our online Paisley Parade class has ended but I had not posted pictures all the blocks quilted. I thought that people might like to see them. I have zipped all of the lessons into one large file for those of you who may have missed lessons or do not have them at all etc. I am going to leave the link here for a few days but it will definitely be removed at the end of January.

Now that my sewing room is reorganised and lovely to work in I do not feel like making any more mess in it. I am going to be sending out the next lesson of the nightgown class over the weekend and I have a few ideas for some lovely table runners also using the Paisley Parade designs and the Ruby jelly roll. 

I have the lovely yellow corduroy that I found in my clean up sitting in the basket ready to go for the toddler overalls so that is also on the list

Paisley Parade Quilt Block 1

Paisley Parade Quilt Block 2

Paisley Parade Quilt Block 3

Paisley Parade Quilt Blocks 4 and 5

Paisley Parade Quilt Block 6

Paisley Parade Quilt Block 7

Paisley Parade Quilt Blocks 8 and 9

Paisley Parade Quilt Blocks 10 and 11

Paisley Parade Quilt Block 12

Back of Paisley Parade Quilt


  1. Thank you Vicki for putting the links here. The pictures show there are 12 blocks but the zip file has only 9 blocks plus another outside the zip folder that said it's block 10. Are there supposed to be 12 pdf's that say Block 1 thru Block 12?

  2. I have uploaded the wrong file, old age must be creeping up faster than I thought. I have replaced the file. Thanks for alerting me Vicki