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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

"Turnover" Zippered tote bag- free tutorial and pattern

Turnover Zippered Tote

Turnover Zippered Tote 2

Turnover Zippered Tote pocket
I have just uploaded the tutorial and pattern for my latest creation, a zippered tote bag that looks like an apple turnover. The circle on the front of the bag has a zipper stitched around the edge. It is open a little way around the top to provide a pocket when it is fully unzipped and being used.  The embroidery design I used was one from BFC Creations  Turkish Delight Quilt Circles .

This is the same design set I used for the Chic Scrunchie Bag. The black bag has been stitched using a cotton Valdani thread. It gives a lovely handwork finished look.
The tutorial can be found here.

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