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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Horror day of sewing - no new cat bag- and the new Janome Horizon 12000

Saturday was the first day of my two week school holiday/vacation. As the Australian Sewing guild convention is next week I thought I had better get a wriggle on and write the tutorial for the projects I am teaching. I started and finished with the heirloom table runner in the bin, it is such a disgusting mess. I cut the lace so many times and then discovered I had used two widths of lace in the one shape.No wonder I was having trouble . I was up to the stage of adding the borders when I called a halt to it and threw it in the bin. Will start again tomorrow.

I did plan on doing my black/white and red cat bag today but thought it was tempting fate. Hopefully after a visit to the dentist and optometrist tomorrow I might be in need of some sewing therapy.

Just looked at the video on the new Janome 12000, an impressive looking machine. I have the Horizon 7700 and 2 11000's. Still need to see more details but thought the embroidery hoop may have been a bit larger.

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  1. I was at the launching and played with it some. It has a light that can be extended out that will shine down on the stitching area. Also a place for a magnifying glass. The hoop is larger. It also has a dual feed foot for quilting. I have pics of a few of them or you can look on facebook at Simon Haskins as he has posted them also.