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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Lazy weekend

Sunday is coming to a close and I have had a very lazy weekend. Yesterday I went looking for a bit of fabric as I am going to have a go at doing someone else's mystery quilt. I am an avid fan of Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville and she is running a mystery quilt called Easy Street. The first lesson is out but of course I do not have any grey and I want to use her palette of lime greens, purples, aqua and Black and White, just all my favourite colours.
I have also done some more crazy quilt blocks and hope to get another of those out to those participating during the week. I have sewn four of the blocks together to make the top left hand corner.
Top left hand corner of Crazy Quilt BOM
Block 3 of the BFC Blackwork Birds quilt is also planned  and just has to be sewn and the instructions done.
Last night we went to help with guiding  visitors at the Little Penguin area and it was just magical as we can now see 12 chicks at various stages of growth from the viewing platform as they eagerly wait for their parents to bring them back their daily meal of regurgitated fish.


  1. Hi Vicki - I'm doing Easy Street also. Last year I did Bonnie's Orca quilt and I love it. I've already finished 150 of part 1 blocks for Easy Street and will have the rest finished by Friday to start part two.
    You'll enjoy it.

  2. I have had to send to the US for my grey as I could not find any that I like locally at a good price. Hope I can catch up.