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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Update on classes

Heirloom Bonnet to Match Christening gown
We have wound up the Candlewick QuiltAlong with the last lesson being sent out this afternoon. I will zip all the lessons into one file  in a day or two and have them up on the blog for download for a limited time.

I have also made the bonnet which is the last piece in our heirloom christening gown class. I am working on the instructions for that and will send that out to participants possibly tomorrow. I will also zip all the lessons for that class and have them up for download for a limited time.

Tomorrow it is back to school although we have a student free day to undertake professional development. Luckily I prepared the session  I am leading before we left for holidays.


  1. The bonnet is beautiful and I want to thank you for all that you have done. I'm from USA and I was reading where tomorrow you are going back to school. We just finished the year and now the children have a few months off. They will start back up the first week of Sept. Do you have year around school?

  2. We have summer during Dec-March here in Austrlaia so our long summer vacation is over Christmas and into late January which is when our new school year starts. Basically our school year is the reverse of that in the northern hemisphere.

  3. Your bonnet and gown are beautiful. As a retired school teacher, I know how hard the decision to retire is. Good luck on your new teaching career in sewing. I would love to have you teach a class at our local shop here but I live in the state of Georgia USA and I'm afraid you'd have trouble getting back home in time for supper :)

  4. Can't wait to have a chance to make this darling bonnet. So cute.