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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Our Magnificent Toadstools and Exciting News

toadstool in the garden
Over the last month or so we have had some magnificent toadstools in our garden. My husband took some pictures of them and I am sharing a few of them with you. They conjure up fairies and all things magical. I remember having a book as a child with one such toadstool on the cover.

Classes for next year

As for the exciting news, my daughter is just about to sign a contract to buy a house in the Canberra so looks like next year when I am retired from teaching we will be spending some time over there. If you live in the Canberra area or close by I will be able to come and visit your machine embroidery/quilting heirloom groups and take some classes with you if you are interested. Please drop me an email and I will try and organise something.

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