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Friday, 23 March 2012

More Pillowcases and Under The Weather

I always look forward to the weekends so that I can concentrate on doing some sewing for longer periods of time rather than grabbing 30 minutes here and there before and after school but this weekend I have not ventured out of my pj's. Seem to have picked up a respiratory infection of some kind and feel too weak to even pick up a piece of fabric.

Thought I would share with you some of the pillowcases that I have finished and have already gone to their new owners. All of the designs on these pillowcases have come from  Bunnycup Embroidery designs.


  1. Oh Vicki, how cute are these pillowcases!!! I hope you are feeling well soon :)

  2. Hope you have a speedy recovery! Great pillow cases.

  3. I love making these pillowcases and hope to get back to them today, must say I am feeling a little better.Think I may have pleurisy so could be a trip to the doctor tomorrow if I am no better.