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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tea Towel Aprons

Tea Towel Apron 1

Tea Towel Apron 2

I spent the day this afternoon making these two tea towel aprons. I bought the two tea towels from a discount store called Best and Less in Australia and they are on special this week for $2.50. The tea towel designs are just perfect for these quick tea towels aprons.
I got the inspiration from the video tutorials provided by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

I changed the pocket a tad to make it even more easy and quick to make.  These aprons are just the thing for a quick and inexpensive gift. They would be wonderful if you took the time to embroider a monogram on the pocket. The tea towel with the snowmen was already embroidered.
I challenged myself to see how long it was going to take to make the apron. And it took 35 minutes from start to finish. Obviously the most time consuming part is pressing the straps so if you used tape for straps instead of fabric it would be much quicker.
To make the apron in super quick time here are my steps

1. Cut 3 straps x 3 inches wide x width of the fabric and with right sides together end to end .

2. Cut the pocket section 16 inches wide x 16 inches high. With right sides together stitch across the ends . Turn through and take everything to the iron. (Apron,pocket,straps)

a) Measure the apron where the turnings are going to go as per the video by Jenny Doan and press in place.

b) Press the pocket

c) Press the straps as per the video

3. Trim your apron with your rotary cutter and turn under the ¼ inch seam allowances to form the casings as you do so.

4. Stitch the side casing sections of the apron

5. Stitch lace across the top of the apron if you wish. The ends will be caught under the side as you stitch it down.

6. Place the pocket on the apron so that the folded section is downwards .It is virtually upside down and we will flip it upwards later

7. Stitch across the long side of the pocket and then flip up towards the top.

8. Pin in place

9. Stitch down one side of the pocket ,across the bottom making sure that you have enclosed that raw wedge inside the pocket and finish by going up the other side

10. Stitch the centre divider for the pocket. It is best to stitch this from the bottom to the top in case your fabric s moves and you get a bubble.

11. Stitch your straps as per the video

12. Thread the straps through the apron and you have finished. 

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