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Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Not Quite 10 Minute Table Runner with Embroidered Insert-Tutorial

The Not Quite 10 Minute Table runner with Embroidered Insert 1

The Not Quite 10 Minute Table runner with Embroidered Insert 2
I have just completed the tutorial for my latest 10 minute runner variation. Of course it takes more than 10 minutes with the embroidered sections but the actual sewing together once you have your blocks trimmed etc is fairly quick and can be definitely done in under an hour. The most time consuming thing will be in choosing your fabric and any trim you may want to use. I have used the latest design sets from BFC Creations called Sheer Quilt Blocks. Of course this project is ideal to use elements from any embroidery design set  The tutorial can be found here.

This table runner is based on the 10 minute table runner originally designed by LaRae Bunnell Clark from Utah State University. Her original tutorial is shared by a number of quilt shops on the internet. I have taken LaRae's original concept and combined it machine embroidery techniques to make the insert .I cannot locate LaRae’s original tutorial but some of her colleagues have a variation where the top section is folded in reverse.

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