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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Woody Owls Stair Quilt Free Tutorial Uploaded

I have been stitching out more quilts for the local shelter and have done a tutorial on this one I have named the Woody Owls Stair quilt as the block arrangement gives a step stair effect. The Step stair effect is much more pronounced if you use fabrics with a lot more contrast than what I have.

Woody Owls Stair Quilt

You can download the tutorial from HERE

One of my lovely friends gave me a 22 cm wide roll of fabric that came from the Sheridan factory that used to be here in Tasmania many moons ago. I set about designing 2 quilts for the women's shelter from it. The pink highlight one was stitched with blue thread and uses my Bridie's Blossoms One Metre Wonder Quilt 4 instructions.

The brighter coloured one is stitched with variegated thread and I cut 8 inch squares from the strip and used them as a post and rail layout. I used the Pearl Quilt Squares from Hatched in Africa.