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Saturday, 27 May 2017

My Own Quilt Show

I have finished the last of the 12 quilts I have embroidered, pieced and quilted for the local women's shelter as  part of my Bridie's Blossoms and Blessings program. I got a little inspired and pinned them all  to the fence framed by the autumn leaves on our silver birch trees. Most of them you will recognise as I have written up tutorials for them. Most of these quilts have as their feature one metre of the main focus fabric. My mini quilt show was probably also the shortest on record as I took all of the quilts down after they had been photographed and folded them in preparation to be delivered early this coming week.
Quilts for the shelter mini quilt show.

I will be starting a new BOM with the Rococo designs from Hatched in Africa. It will more than likely be stitched using a combination of Set 2 and Set 3. Keep an eye out on here or my FB page for when I start.


  1. Seen all together these are awesome! I know the blessings you bestow will flow back to you in spirit. We need more love such as yours in this world.

  2. Awesome and inspiring quilt show Vicki! My DIL is director of a homeless shelter for women in recovery and she uses the quilts I make as graduation gifts for her ladies. I'm going to start using your patterns so I can produce more and prettier quilts.