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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My Helpers

Those of you who follow my blog know that a few years ago we adopted two cats from the RSPCA. They were in the in the same pen together and we could not take one and leave the other there. Misty the black cat is my cat and Hallie the tabby is my husbands. Misty sleeps at my feet on our bed and Hallie sleeps at my husband's feet. Most of the time they get on very well but there is often a turf war as to who gets to sit in which spot in this window of my sewing room.


  1. Oh those onery babies - hard to believe since they have been together for so long. I have an orange devil named Taz. He's an indoor/outdoor cat, but when in the house he is glued to me - sleeps on top of me at night, sits on me or follows me everywhere any other time. He was a stray and mean when I saw him up at the vet's office - jumped into my arms when he saw me and spoiled ever since!!!!!

  2. Adorable. I just got a furbaby to help me sew. He's still a kitten and was supposed to be a girl so we're adjusting. He sleeps with me also, either at my head, tucked into my back or on top of my legs.