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Monday, 14 November 2016

Pictures from my visit to Canberra

We visited out daughter in Canberra during September. I caught up with some sewing pals and went out to lunch with them.

 We also visited the garden spectacular that was Floriade.

These swamp hens and their gorgeous chicks nesting in the lake  kept everyone entertained at Floriade.
Swamp Hen chick

Swamp hens with their chicks
Darlene has sent in some photos of her pole twist table runners
Darlene's Pole Twist Table runners
This is a quick and easy table runner and looks great in Christmas fabrics. The link to download the tutorial is HERE

Last night we had a few glimpses of the supermoon. With all of our rain recently  we were lucky to get any.
Supermoon November 14

Supermoon November 14

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