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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Heads up and new BOM

Suz from has once generously offered another free set for her BFC 13th Anniversary. I will be doing a BOM with this set but it may be a longer time frame than usual. Suz only has each new design up for 2 days so you must download them, If you miss any they will be available for sale and she is having a 70% off sale right now while the set is being released. You will find each new design on the BFC Creations Home Page or New arrivals page.
I have sent an email to all of those who participated in the 12th anniversary BOM. If you wish to participate and have not received you can reach me HERE.

Whilst we were in Canberra we were once again visited by many birds. The magpie who visits often came back as well as these two glorious king parrots.
Male king parrot

Female king parrot


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  1. Thanks for doing the quilt for the BFC 13th anniversary designs. You always have great ideas for using these designs.