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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Another new quilt pattern and sandwiching a quilt with pool noodles

Last night was the final night that we did our penguin guiding for this season. We are now off until mid September when the little penguins will start to breed again. The sunset provided beautiful subtle hues for us to enjoy.
Sunset Lillico March 27

Sunset Lillico March 27

Sunset Lillico March 27
I have been designing another one of my 1 metre wonder quilts where you only use 1 metre of the main focus fabric. 
The embroidered designs are the Colourwork Owls on The Block by Hatched in Africa. They are quick to stitch out and ideal for a quilt such as this 43 1/2 inch square one. I will have tutorial for download up later on in the week .

I pressed, cut the backing and batting,sandwiched and spray basted this quilt and the other small one that I made last week in under an hour this morning using the pool noodle method.  I have provided a quick tutorial on spray basting/ pin basting a quilt using pool noodles in the photos below. 

Step 1

Roll the backing onto the noodle so that the right side is face down against the table, ie, as you unroll it the wrong side is facing you and the quilt top is rolled as shown with the wrong side against the batting as you normally would. As you roll the pieces onto the noodles make sure that you keep the noodle nice and straight by placing your hands near the ends to roll and then smooth towards the middle as you go.

Step 2

 Step 3

 Step 4
This afternoon I had a companion helping me with the quilting

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