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Monday, 15 September 2014

Many things to update you on

I have been busy over the weekend working on a project to help a group out who give little wooden boxes to local hospitals in which to lave their special angel babies who are born up to weeks gestation.  They had initially been lined by a funeral home but it was thought the finish did not convey the love and caring needed for these precious boxes.

An example of the original box is below

Many thanks to Anita James of Chrystal Embroidery for allowing me to use one of her background quilting designs. Photos of one of my boxes are below
Finished Box

Embroidered Coverlet

Base of Box

Inside lid of box

We are starting to sending out the Bridie's Blossoms infant loss keepsake hankies around Australia as word spreads that these lovely little family heirlooms are available.

 The latest blocks in my three BOMs have gone out.
 First up is Block 2 of HIA Forest Owls

Block 4 of Polka Dot Giraffes and

 finally Block 7 & of HIA Stack'Ems


  1. Vicki what a wonderful thoughtful project you are undertaking. Love and care in every stitch

  2. Dear Vicki, the boxes are beautiful, I'm sure the receiving families will appreciate your work. Take care, Annette

  3. How beautiful and thoughtful. I'm sure the families are so touched that you have taken the time to help them through such a difficult time.