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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I am still here but very busy

It has been a week since I last posted and time has flown by. One minute it is Friday and before you know it next Friday has arrived. I ended up with a sinus infection at the beginning of the week and that has kept me pretty quiet  but I have a list of jobs as long as your arm to do. We have decided to recarpet the house and put new vinyl tiles in the laundry and bathrooms. It is going to be a big job because we have lots of furniture and all of those dolls and things to move. That will more than likely be some time next week or the week after. We are not doing the sewing room though (what a terrible thought).

I am also replenishing 6 packages of the older little boys sizes of Bridie's Blossoms for a hospital as they seem to have had a few little boy angels recently which is very sad. I am also making over 200 of the little embroidered  hankies to give away to mothers who have lost their little babies at two local support events in October.

Shirley has sent in a pic of another Aristocat's quilt she has done.

Shirley's Aristocat quilt

Nelda has completed Block 1 of her Forest Owls Quilt. she has used scrappy colours but it is all tied together because of the black and white in the flying geese. Looks fabulous so you can use your stash with a few pieces of fabric that tie it all together.
Nelda's Forest Owls Block 1
I will be doing some more blocks to send out in our BOM's over the weekend once I get organised with some of the Bridie's Blossoms pieces.

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