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Monday, 11 August 2014

Super Moon and More Quilts Delivered

We have just been outside to take some pictures of the super moon appearing in the sky. It is magnificent. Of course it is only called "super" because it is closer to the Earth in it's elliptical orbit. Love being able to see the craters on the surface
Super Moon August 11 2014
This morning I delivered 14 more quilts to our local shelter.

 Pat and Karen forwarded these quilts to me to deliver the as well.
Pat's Quilt 1

Pat's Quilts 2
Of course Karen's lovely quilt had to be given the AOK by the quality control team before I folded them up and handed them over.
Karen's Quilt
Two of the quilts I took today were UFO's belonging to someone who kindly gave them to me to reconstruct and finish off.
Imagine how many quilts we would all have to donate to worthy causes if we dug into our UFO's and finished them off.

This morning I bought the new Forest Owl set from Hatched in Africa. I intend to make a BOM quilt with these down the track. Think they may still be on introductory special for a couple more days. Please email me if you would like to participate. We will not start for a couple of weeks

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  1. So sweet,looking forward to starting on this project.