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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Project report and Embellished Cats soon to be off to a new home

My sister in law is a nurse who works for the Tasmanian Branch of Alzheimer's Australia and the local group are having a fund raiser in the next few works and wondered if I may have something I could donate as the major prize for a raffle at a local fund raiser. Consequently she excitedly put my Embellished Cats quilt under her arm as I thought it might be popular with people as a fund raiser and went off to see if it was deemed appropriate by the powers that be. 

She came back and said it was thought to be the "cat's whiskers" so to speak. I told her it needed a few thread checks etc as it wasn't initially made for public perusal and I will go over it in the next few days.I hope that the quilt will go to a good home and raises lots of money for Alzheimer's research and support.

The question arose of just is the value that you put on a quilt as the prize value has to go n the raffle tickets. I estimated about $1000. What do you think , is that an overestimate?

This morning has been sent sending out lots of instruction's for my various BOM's.
Block 12 ( the last in this BOM) went out for the Embellished Dogs BOM.

Embellished Dogs Block 12

The last four blocks along with the instructions to construct the quilt went out for the Kenny Kreations Crazy Quilt BOM.
Kenny Kreations Crazy Quilt BOM Block 62

Kenny Kreations Crazy Quilt BOM Block 61

Kenny Kreations Crazy Quilt BOM Block 63

Kenny Kreations Crazy Quilt BOM Block 64

Block 6 of the Hatched In Africa Stack'Ems has gone out.
HIA Stack'Ems Block 6

along with Block 3 of the Polka Dot Giraffe BOM.

Block1 of the new Hatched in Africa Forest Owls BOM went out over the weekend.

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