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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Good Friday morning

I just want to take this opportunity to wish that you all have a peaceful, restful and safe Easter break.

I have been out of bed very early as the fur babies wanted to get up and once they decide that there is no stopping them so the sewing machines have been humming away from before daybreak..
I am working furiously trying to get more of my baby packs completed. I sent another 6 off this Thursday that were requested Monday afternoon by an emergency dept that deal with early miscarriages. They wanted them as soon a s I could complete them so the fingers were busy stitching and crocheting. That brings to date 49 packs that I have sent out so far with 555 pieces in them. I am currently working on packs for two other major regional hospitals.

Misty has been perched on top of fabric overseeing the activities.

It is now raining quite heavily but that was not the case early this morning as I managed to  go outside on a few occasions to take some lovely sunrise shots.

The moon was still high in the morning western sky

We had a gorgeous rainbow over the house on Thursday morning

and this glorious moon was up the night before. It was cloudy on Tuesday night so we did not get to see the lunar eclipse which was a little disappointing.

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