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Friday, 4 April 2014

Did you know this about running your iron?

The majority of us like to have our iron on when we are sewing. We do not like to continually turn it off and turn it on over and over again. Few of us like the auto shut off irons either. However, if we have our normal everyday iron turned on continuously for a four or five hour stretch or longer it is the same as running a floor heater and we all know that they chew through the power and add heaps to our electricity bill. Most irons are rated at 2400W per hour and a floor heater is rated at 2400W as well.
For example here in Tasmania at the present tariffs if I run my 2400W (2.4kW) for 5 hours of sewing it is going to cost me 2.4 x 5 x 0.268 = $3.21

If you have a smaller travel sized iron or class iron have a look at its power rating and you will more than likely find that it uses up to 2/3 less electricity than your normal iron. Mine only uses 800W of power per hour.
This iron will cost me  0.8 x 5 x .268=  $1.07
Definitely worth thinking about how you use that hot rock in your sewing room. More money saved means more fabric purchased and that has to be good thing.

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  1. fantastic advice Vicki. Thanks for that - I will use my travel iron and won't complain when my regular iron keeps switching itself off!