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Friday, 7 February 2014

Some more finishes just around the corner

Graceful Air, Land and Sea BOM

I have been working on quilting the Graceful Air, Land and Sea BOM. I have had enquiries form people thinking that they have missed lessons because I have completed the Sassy Cats quilt and now this one is almost done. To date up to and including Block 11 has been sent out for  Sassy Cats and Block 7 for Graceful. Some of the blocks are a little more complicated in terms of lesson write up so they will be coming through at about one a week hopefully.

There is also a new and what I hope to be an ongoing charity project for me in the wind and I am just getting resources sorted there. I will let you know what I am going to be doing and the reason behind it next week. One of the first parts is making  small  ITH teddy bears and I have just bought this pattern form Moose B Stitchin and have stitched out the first bear. Isn't he just too cute for words. With his stuffing, which I have not done that well as yet, he stands/sits just three inches tall. 

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful and so striking. And the little ted is cute as a button.