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Friday, 7 June 2013

Freebie roundup

Do not forget to visit the sewing themed ABC over at the Bernina Blog on Wednesdays and pick up the latest letter . You will find the red link Freebie-Naeh-ABC-D half way down the page.
Urban Threads have two free designs. You may have to log into your account to get these. One of the designs in three sizes is of some S'mores. Whilst the other is of a little stuffed in the hoop  s'more.
For those who do not  know what a s'more is, it is a campfire treat popular in the US. It consists of a roasted marshmallow with a layer of chocolate between two crackers.

The San Francisco Stitch Co Yahoo group Spell Binder mystery has finished but they have put up two fabulous quilt labels to use for the mini quilt in their files. These would be great for any project. The date colour can be deleted if need be. 

Gumnut Gallery have a lovely 5 inch x 6inch  motif design that would be great to embellish bags etc.


Ageless Embroidery have finished  their new font so be sure to pick up the rest of it before it is taken down. It is an applique font so that you can put an applique in the circle before embroidering the initial.
This lovely little floral design is available for download on the Designs Machine Embroidery magazine website. It is available on the right hand side of the page.
 Smart Needle have a gorgeous new salamander applique freebie. You have to log in to pick this one up.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. WOW- could be any ruder! An honest mistake and you jump down this blogger's throat! Classy!

    2. Yeah, and thanks for monitoring the internet for us.

    3. I find your criticism offensive and unnecessary.

  2. I apologise Vanessa for not being accurate in my description. I am only human and it was an oversight. As I wish to make no further errors I will not be doing a freebie roundup any longer. I certainly hope people go and read the pages with freebies on.

  3. I am sorry you got that commment, Vicki! I love your freebie updates, and I hope you will change your mind!


  4. I do hope you will reconsider as the majority of us really enjoy your blog

  5. Hi Vicki. Don't stop because one rude person posted an unpleasant comment. You have many followers who appreciate what you do.

  6. I am a blogger, too. DO NOT LET the rude people in the world stop you from blogging exactly what YOU want to blog. The mean people will always be there, we just have to let their comments go.
    Personally, I think it terrible for that person to comment like that when you were doing her a favor by posting her project!! UNGRATEFUL to say the least!!
    Keep your head up and keep blogging. You have lots of fans that you don't want to let down. Let the mean people go soak their heads. ;)

  7. Good morning ladies. My sincerest apologies. Upon rereading it, I can see how some could take it offensively, although that was not my intent. Don't believe me? Reread my comment with an upbeat/sincere tone. Bloggers are journalist and we have to remember that. (As I have forgotten tone in this instance.) We hold the rest of the (news) journalist community up to the standard of accuracy in reporting, so I was merely pointing out to that to Vicki. There is a very beautiful story behind the Giving Bunnies and their purpose. It would be a great disservice to Urban Thread to leave that out. Everyone, please go read about it. And while we're on that subject I'm not sure how she got s'mores out of it when the design is titled "Giving Bunny". Late night writing I suppose. You have a wonderful blog and you should not let one misinterpreted comment alter your content. There are many people, including myself, that look forward to posts such as these because they expose us to new digitizers that we may not have come across otherwise. So again, I apologize how some or even many have interpreted that post. And to the person whom left a comment on a video of my child, thank you to bringing to my attention on how it was perceived.
    Kindly, Vanessa

  8. For the record, I do not work for or have any connections to Urban Threads.