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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Swirly Star-Card Trick Table Topper-Tutorial

Swirly Stars Card Trick Table Topper 1

Swirly Stars Card Trick Table Topper 2
I have just finished off a table topper that has been on the go for while. I got the original idea from Roolen on her Russian blog . However, I had changed the strips to all 2 inches in width. As a consequence all of the measurements change. It is also difficult to cut the small triangles if you do not have a triangle rule so I have given instructions on how to do that. I have used fabrics from my stash and the topper will now live on my kitchen table as it matches the green decor in there.Roolen's colour choice is much more dramatic than mine is. My tutorial can be found HERE

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  1. For the swirly star table topper, could you please tell me how many strips you cut of each of the four materials? Directions just say 5 x 2 inch strips. Thanks so much!!!