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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Busy Busy,BOM instructions and Pop Up Quilt Show

It has certainly been a  busy few weeks in my sewing room.

I had another pop up quilt show on my fence on Sunday afternoon with another 11 quilts for the local women's shelter.All of the quilts are stitched with designs from Hatched in Africa. I stitched the embroideries, cut the pieces and then they were assembled by the Charity Sewing Group at the local sewing machine centre on a Friday morning back in February. I then brought them home, sandwiched them, quilted them and put the binding on. With my trusty helper we had a very quick pop up quilt show on the fence. I
Most of the quilt layout patterns can be found on my blog.

 All of the instructions for the Kaleidoscope BOM are in the download folder and that will be removed on Easter Sunday. If you miss that deadline you can always email me for them. You can access the folder HERE.

Following my diagnosis with uterine cancer in 2016 I am passionate about now helping ladies who are battling gynaecological cancer here in Tasmania. I was approached to make some bags to hold care packages for those undergoing treatment and consequently the sewing room is in overdrive as I make the first 20. Hopefully they will be completed by the end of the week. This is my prototype bag in purple and teal/mint . I am also making them in black/ white and red for a bit of variety ans also because it is difficult to find nice purple and teal fabric.

The embroidery design is a combination from Fashion Divas and Kaleidoscope from Hatched in Africa. The combined design fitted the 5x7 hoop. The inside pocket is zippered and so is one on the outside. There will also be a little tissue cover with tissues in each bag as well as the Fight Like a Girl key ring.

I will do the tutorial on the bag in a week or so so stay tuned.

I am also getting a delivery of some more Bridie's Blossoms packages for the major hospital in our state and they will be delivered by a wonderful friend over the weekend.

The gorgeous little whiter eyes are once again visiting the garden.

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  1. Thank you Vicky! I know that what you do is a lot of work and often unappreciated. I love all the options you have put out there for combining machine embroidery and quilting - two of my favorite hobbies!