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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A new quilt tutorial uploaded

I cannot believe that we are halfway through January. Christmas seems like a distant memory. We are having beautiful sunny weather in Tasmania but could o with a little drop of rain to freshen up the garden and restock the water holes we see when we drive by.

Once again we are into full swing with our penguin guiding. We have had many cute and delightful penguin babies  as well as some glorious sunsets including a rainbow at sunset.

I have been very busy making Bridie's Blossoms packages as well as a new quilt which I have named  Woven Star. This quilt is embroidered with the Toy Trucks set of designs from Hatched in Africa. 

Woven Star Quilt
This quilt measures 44 inches square. I have written a tutorial that also includes instructions for one to finish at 52 inches square.

You can download the tutorial from HERE