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Monday, 10 August 2015

Wow, it has been a while

It has certainly been a while since I made a blog post and there have not been that many more Facebook posts either.
We are certainly in the grips of winter here in Tasmania and last Monday it snowed here in Devonport. We are at sea level and in all of the years we have lived in Devonport we have never seen snow before. Although it did not settle when you looked out of the window you could see the snow falling. My husband went out to the drive way to get the paper and had snow on him when he returned. All of the spring bulbs are coming out in full force so will try and get some photos of them during this coming week. Unfortunately the camera card I was using with some photos I have not backed up has decided to call it quits.

Snow from my sewing room window in Devonport
I have just sent out the last file in the Hatched in Africa Toys for Boys BOM so that is now concluded. Yesterday I sent out an expression of interest via email for another BOM using  a Hatched in Africa design set that I contemplated doing but had very few responses so have scrapped that idea. In fact I am seriously considering whether to do anymore BOMs as I receive very little feedback at all, apart from emails from people who fail to get a block or alerting me to typos in the instructions.All the photos I receive form people doing them I post on here and I think you would have to agree with me that they are very few and far between.
Am I being too harsh and critical?

Last week I spent most of my sewing time making baby items for families of angel babies who recently gained their wings. At the moment I am also making these little memory quiltlets to gift to Tasmanian parents who request one. This one is for Bridie's Mum and Dad. It is baby Bridie's memory after whom the Bridie's Blossoms and Blessings was named. The little memory quiltlets as I call them have a finished size of approximately 13 inches square.
This is also one of the little dresses that I made during the week. This little dress will fit a tiny 30 -35 week gestation angel. The satin and lace are the remnants from a wedding dress I transformed for the musical I costumed back in May.


  1. Hi Vicki,

    I sure appreciate you doing the BOM's. I hope you received my emails thanking you as I know you spend a great deal of time and energy planning them for us.


  2. Hi Vicki
    I understand how you are feeling, you put such a lot of effort into your BOM's that is must be disheartening when you don't receive progress photos from participants. I hope you change your mind.

  3. Hi Vicki,
    Firstly, thank you for your generosity with time and effort in sharing your ideas and instructions for the great projects you create. While it may be frustrating not getting the feedback on your efforts, it simply could be that life gets in the way of projects getting done, or that the project is not one that fits the needs at the time you are doing yours. For example, while all our grandkids are beyond the cutesy stage, I can still envisage your layouts being used with other designs and in other colourways.

    Also, I suspect that there are probably many admirers of your work who can't navigate photo uploads. They probably also aren't comfortable about using social media.

    I just wish I had the liberty to spend more time in the sewing room. More often than not it seems that when I get myself organised to have a free day, someone rearranges my plans so it is hard to plan large projects.

    In the meantime, Please don't be discouraged from creating new projects. They are great motivators.