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Monday, 9 March 2015

Project Round up

Another week has marched by and  I am still knee/arm deep into costume making. The racks are bending under the strain. Still a fair way to go but getting there. The last four weeks have been the most crucial in terms of getting most of the basic costume sets well underway. It is a long way around a circular skirt when you have to level and hem them and there are 40 plus of the to do.
Costumes for  All Shook Up
Elizabeth is well through her BFC  11th Anniversary quilt. She is going to add extra blocks to each side to make it into a queen sized quilt cover. We will photograph each of the additional blocks and show you where we placed them if you wish to do the same.However, I will not be doing full instructions for each of those blocks 
Elizabeth's BFC 11th Anniversary BOM

Lexie has just started her Anniversary BOM quilt with a different colour palette again. Lexie is making a quilt for her daughter.
You can get some inspiration from the colour scheme of these ladies as we commence the new BOM with the BFC 10 000 member set of designs .

We have some HIA Stack Em quilts finished. 

Lorraine,Shirley,Tineke have used differing colour palettes to great effect.
Lorraine's Stack 'Em BOM

Shirley's Stack'Ems BOM

Tinekes Stack'Ems BOM

Karen has once made a small quilt from the blocks of the  Forest  Owls BOM
Karen's Forest Owls BOM
Sharon has finished her BFC Graceful Air, Land and Sea BOM from last year.
Sharon's Graceful Quilt

I hope to get the first block out to everyone who has signed up for the new BFC 10 000 member BOM. The requirements list has gone out and Suz has now put 10 designs up on the group page. I am going to do my quilt in Black,Red and White( what a surprise)

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