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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Projects and Pics

I finished binding the HIA Stack'Ems quilt yesterday afternoon. There is just Block 12 and the construction pdf to be sent out and hope to get that done later on today.
HIA Stack'Ems BOM Quilt Finished
I have also lined one of these small Moses baskets for the local Maternity unit to use for their angel babies. It is designed to hold the Cuddle Cot cooling pad. The cover also had to be removable for laundering and also have holes in the rear for the cooling unit tubes to come through. I would do a bit and then walk away for half an hour or so to work out how to solve the next problem. This one is a prototype so I did not use expensive fabric to start with. I have one more small basket to do for a much smaller cooling pad but it does not have handles so may be a little less complicated.

Lined Moses basket to be used with Cuddle Cot cooling pad

Basket quilt
You will notice that the small quilt is stitched with the same design I use for the little vests. It is an embroidery design graciously given to me by Anita from Chrystal Embroidery.

We had a bit of rain last night and as a consequence had some lovely colours in the sky at sunset at the penguin viewing platform


  1. Once again Vicki beautiful work! May I ask what is a cuddle cooling pad?

  2. Hi Jackie, the Cuddle Cot cooling pad is a little water filled pad connected to a small refrigeration unit so that Mums and Dads can keep their little angel baby with them as long as they wish .

  3. I think what you do for the parents is so kind and thoughtful and can only imagine how it helps them through what is such a terrible thing to have happen.