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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Easy Street Mystery Quilt

As mentioned in my earlier posts I have started doing Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt. There is a link to her website and the mystery quilt in right hand side bar of my blog. You can also see what others are doing on the Quiltville blog.
I have completed the first two parts and so am up to date. It was helpful having a public holiday last Friday so I was able to get my normal weekend chores out of the way early.
Part 1 involved making 192 4 patch units using a base grey fabric and an assortment of black and white prints, my favourites as you all know.
192 Easy Street 4 Patch Units
It is a lot of units to make and I was a bit worried about making too many duplicates so came up with a bit of a system. I am,sjure that it is nothing new but may help some others who face the daunting task of sewing nearly 200 of these units.
Make sure that you have all your units oriented the same way apart from the one constant (marked 1)you are going to use in the first round.
Pick up  a unit from position 1 and then one from the pile to the left. Sew them together as per Bonnie's instructions. Continue picking up units from position 1 and match them with one unit from each of the other piles.
When you have used one from each pile move any remaining units from position 1 out of the way.
Make the unit to the left of former position 1 into the new position 1 , rotate them vertically and repeat the procedure of matching units in this pile with one from every other pile. Keep repeating until you have rotated through all the piles you have.

Part 2 involved making 128 flying geese units using speciality rulers: the Easy Angle Ruler and the  Companion Ruler. I do not have either of these rulers but the Nifty Notions Quarter Square and Half Square rulers worked just as well. These flying geese units are constructed using a variety of purple hue fabrics as well as the recurring black and white fabric theme.
Can't wait until the next instalment next Friday evening our time here in Australia.

128 Easy Street Flying Geese units
Nifty Notions Half Sqaure Ruler

Nifty Notions Quarter Square Ruler


  1. Hi

    They all look great. Its good fun isn't it?

    A fellow Aussie in Central Victoria

  2. You do have a great range of black and white fabrics. I like your method for avoiding too many of the same four-patches.

  3. I am having a lot of fun with this.

  4. I like the constant grey you have chosen, it works well with your black and white prints and your purple.

  5. Beautiful work. It is so nice to know you were able to use a different kind of ruler and it worked out so well.