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Saturday, 28 July 2012

BOM's update

Hen House Antique Sqaures Block 4

Hen House Antique Squares Row 1

BFC Giraffes Block 2
Yesterday was the first Saturday I have had in quite  a while where I did not have to spend anytime doing marking, lesson prep etc for school. I spent the day watching a bit of the Olympics opening ceremony and then sent out lessons for the two BOM's that I have going. I am also making a table runner for my daughter's new house that she bought and moves into this week. The table runner is a longer version of the 10 minute table runner and I will have a tutorial up on the blog later on today if eveything gores to plan.


  1. Hi Vicki,
    My goodness, the Hen House antique blocks are gorgeous. Where did you find the pattern, I've not seen it before. Lovely work,

  2. Hi Linda
    The embroideries are the Antique Sqaures set from Hen House Embroidery. Think there is alink in a few post previous

  3. The blocks look great. Can't wait to get my next one done.