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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Chic Scrunch Away /Fold Away Tote-Tutorial and Pattern

Chic Scrunch Away /Fold Away Tote

Chic Scrunch Away /Fold Away Tote 2

Chic Scrunch Away /Fold Away Tote Pocket

Chic Scrunch Away /Fold Away Tote-drawn up

I have spent most of the last week thinking about how to make this bag and this morning got under way. It is modelled on the famous strawberry tote where the bag folds up into the strawberry pocket. I remembered making those little drawstring sewing totes many years ago and consequently thought  why can't that idea be used to make a tote? The design I have used is from BFC Creations Turkish Delight Quilt Circles. They are quick to stitch out and look great when the tote is pulled up into it. The frill around the outside gives the illusion of a flower I think and adds a touch of glamour to an otherwise plain tote bag.
The tote is not lined but I have used French seams for extra strength. It is is quite roomy,measuring 20 inches across by 22 inches high .The tote could also be made from rip stop nylon for a more lightweight version.

The tutorial can be found here and the pattern can be found here.

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  1. This is really cool Vicki! You amaze me with all the work you get done. And, it's all very, very nice work!